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proofing our breadkneeding doughour process :

We mix all of our dough by hand, one small batch at a time.  This type of mixing is gentle and allows us to develop the strength of our dough slowly over a period of hours rather than rapidly in a mixer.  This means we can use regular organic flour, instead of using high-gluten flour typically used in store bought bread. We believe this results in a bread which breaks down more easily in the digestive tract than breads which are hyper-developed in industrial mixers.

We favor the use of very wet dough.  That means when we are handling our doughs they are very sticky and messy.  It is challenging to handle this type of dough, but the result is a bread that retains an unbelievable amount of moisture and stays moist longer than other breads. The wetness of the dough also helps to ensure our grains and flours are fully hydrated thus ensuring their more complete digestibility.

We use a sourdough starter in everything we make.  Sourdough fermentation produces unrivaled flavor and also contributes to greater digestibility and helps our products last longer before staling.