shelby_small“Our mission at field & fire is to apply our craft of baking in a way that will produce breads characterized by an amazing depth of flavor, remarkable aroma, crispy caramelized crusts, and above all will be nourishing and healthful for the folks who eat them.

All of our bodies are sustained on food, so it seems necessary to focus some effort on what we are eating, where it came from, who made it, what was the process, etc. We think about these things every moment of every day, because we strongly believe that if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well, properly, and carefully. “ – Owner, Shelby Kibler

Shelby opened Field & Fire as a way to bring these philosophies into a tangible existence. It’s simple really. He just wants people to eat real food that has been produced using time-honored traditions. Bread is not a bad word. We hope to help people come back to eating what’s truly healthy.

Our specialties include rustic European style breads and truly authentic French pastries. We use 100% organic flour and grains, and we use locally sourced items whenever possible. We care about real food, and believe it can nourish your body and soul. Our basic bread recipe starts with flour, salt, and water. You might be surprised just how good that can taste!

We are a wood-fired bakery using 2 wood-fired ovens, right in the heart of Grand Rapids. If you get here in the morning you can smell the lovely aroma of baked goods and wood burning from the parking lot. It’s an amazing thing!